Mythic Delirium 1.4

Jane Yolen et al.

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This issue caps off the first two years of Mythic Delirium as a digital ’zine with a sampling of strange horror, stranger science fiction and weird alternate history.

For our fiction offerings, C.S. MacCath combines Norse mythology with quantum theory in “Sing the Crumbling City,” Jessy Randall’s "Maybe a Witch Lives There" supplies a wicked homage to Shirley Jackson, and Adam Howe’s "’Kid’ Cooper & the Blackwood Ape-Man" provides a rollicking, bruising fusion of history and folklore set in the American South.

As for poetry, Jane Yolen returns to our pages with no less than three poems recasting fairy tales in new molds; Natalia Theodoridou gracefully encapsulates one of the most tragic of Greek tragedies; Wendy Rathbone paints a wistful portrait of a different season; and Dominik Parisien shows how delightfully monstrous art can be.

Our striking cover art comes courtesy of Italian sequential artist Elena de’ Grimani (her American debut.)


Sing the Crumbling City • C.S. MacCath

Time Travel Autumn • Wendy Rathbone

The Traveler’s Wagon Speaks • by Jane Yolen

Maybe a Witch Lives There • Jessy Randall

Mortar/Pestle • Jane Yolen

Eating and Being Eaten • by Jane Yolen

“Kid” Cooper & the Blackwood Ape-Man • Adam Howe

Philomela in Seven Movements • Natalia Theodoridou

A Portrait of the Monster as an Artist • Dominik Parisien

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