Mythic Delirium 1.2

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The latest issue of Mythic Delirium offers a cornucopia of curious themes, uncertain faith and Shakespearian fraud, explorations of outer space and inner self, lost souls and archeological mysteries. Fiction is by Brady Golden, Sonya Taaffe and Nathaniel Lee; poetry by Michele Bannister, Rose Lemberg, Alicia Cole, Alex Dally MacFarlane and Lynette Mejía.

Here’s the complete table of contents:

Behind Glass • Brady Golden
The Ensouling of Spacecraft • Michele Bannister
Dualities &#8226 Rose Lemberg
Anonymity • Sonya Taaffe
Salamander • Alicia Cole
Otter Script • Alex Dally MacFarlane
All the Tribes of the Earth Shall Mourn • Nathaniel Lee
Earth map • Rose Lemberg
Eden.Redux • Lynette Mejía

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