Mystery on the Menu Preorder

After a steady diet of big city trouble Chef Drew Allison has relocated to the tiny island town of Orca’s Slough to get a taste of the laid-back artisanal lifestyle. But when he discovers his bartender dead in his basement, he faces a far greater challenge than whipping up a spectacular lunch special. He’s the local law enforcement officer’s Grade-A suspect. And while Deputy “Big Mac” Mackenzie is fine eye candy as well as a regular customer, Drew isn’t convinced he’s got the brains to match his brawn—or stand up to a sheriff, who’s out to cook Drew’s goose. Is Drew’s only choice to put mystery on his menu and serve himself as an add-on to Big Mac’s investigations? Mystery on the Menu serves up three courses of cozy mystery in one delectable collection. Includes: ‘Entrée to Murder,’ ‘Recipe for Trouble’ and ‘Homicide and Hospitality.‘ Between a corpse in his kitchen and a crime scene romance, Chef Drew Allison may have bitten off more than he can chew.
Then there is the matter of Marron, who is now host to a powerful spirit. He has become what the Sharai call the Ghost Walker, a mystical hero who, it is said, will one day lead them to glory. As such he has attracted the attention of the most fanatical of Sharai warriors. These are men who devote their lives to perfecting their fighting skills, the legendary Sand Dancers.

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