Mithila Review 15: The Journal of International Science Fiction and Fantasy

Salik Shah et al.

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Mithila Review publishes excellent science fiction, fantasy, poetry, reviews, excerpts, and articles from award-winning and emerging writers around the world. Issue 15 of Mithila Review contains:


“Arisudan” by Rimi B. Chatterjee
“Of Castles and Oceans” by Nicole Tanquary
“Children Between Lines” by Soham Guha
“Different Shores” by David Heckman
“The Knowing” by Neelu Singh
“Our Bodies Sing the Stars” by Carlos Norcia


“Packing Tips For Time Travelers” by Michael Janairo
“Colonial” by Sonya Taaffe
“We’re Refugees Who Found Love Searching for Atlantis” by Holly Lyn Walrath, Marco Raimondo
“Harvest” by Sandi Leibowitz
“The Echo Chamber” by David Memmott
“Ceramics” by Anne Carly Abad


The Best of Richard Matheson by Prashanth Gopalan
The Wall of the Worlds by Sami Ahmad Khan


Cathleen Klibanoff with Ishita Singh
Sami Ahmad Khan with Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmad

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