Luna Station Quarterly – Issue 24

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The Dark Half of the year is upon us, and Luna Station Quarterly follows suit, wrapping up our sixth year in style, with stories that chill and thrill, from an amazing assortment of women.

Alongside the usual compliment of uplift & wonder that you’ve come to expect, there are bittersweet stories here; of a girl who is transformed into a tree after rejecting a god, of a cloak that delivers vengeance at a cost, of a woman whose strained humanity causes her to fly into a black hole. Zelda Fitzgerald even shows up along the way! C’mon … now you KNOW you’re curious!

As the nights grow longer, as the time for inner work & quiet & solitude blooms, pour yourself a cup of tea, light a candle or two, and invite Luna Station in. It isn’t always safe, but you won’t mind…

Editorial, Issue 024 by Jennifer Lyn Parsons
Turning Song by Fey Karvaly
The Corn Grows Back Every Year by Riley Vainionpaa
Feral Unicorn by Mary E. Lowd
Keeping Time by Charity Tahmaseb
The Sidhe by Elizabeth Archer
Cold Flame by Sheryl Normandeau
The Scarlet Cloak by Karen Bovenmyer
On Aerdwen Green by Sandi Leibowitz
Who Wants to Live Forever? by Karen McCreedy
Traffic Circles of Old Connecticut by Susan Jane Bigelow
A Funnel of Time by Kris Faatz
The Five Snowflakes by Rebecca Harrison
Williams by Tracy Staedter

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