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This esubscription is for 24 months/4 issues of LCRW in the format of your choice beginning with the current issue (or the next issue, if you’re already subscribed and renewing).

How It Works

Once you subscribe a link is emailed to you. Click on the link (or paste it into your browser address bar) and it will start your download. The download links are live for 14 days and can also be found on the Thank You page after your order is completed. Then, when a new issue is released, you will be automatically emailed a link. Easy! If you sign up for a Weightless Books account using the email address you provided with your order, your My Library page will have permanent links to all your ebooks and subscriptions. Please email us (or post in the comments) if you have any questions or problems.

Get your LCRW ebook subscription here. We have yet to figure out how to produce eChocolate. When we do, the patent office will be the first to know but you will be a close second. In the meantime, if you’d like chocolate with your LCRW, you’ll need a non-Weightless subscription.

LCRW means Loads of Chocolate something something....

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