Lackington’s Issue 17 (Spring 2018)

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Our long-awaited “Gothics” collection nods to the Ostrogoths, to whom the genre in part owes its name; to Gothic cathedrals and Gothic’s favourite religious target; to Wollstonecraft, Shelley, the Brontës, and the German “shudder novel”; to the Gothic’s love of frame stories and epistolary narratives; and to the Latin American monster El Cuco. And if there’s a vampire found herein, trust that it’s more Le Fanu than Polidori or Stoker…

Bonus: Issue 17 also contains a collaborative tale by five past contributors. This “exquisite corpse” piece was crafted in sequence by Mike Allen, Vajra Chandrasekera, Amal El-Mohtar, Natalia Theodoridou, and JY Yang, with each author building unseen on what the others wrote before. “A Game of Lost and Found” is exclusive to the ebook edition.

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