khoreo – Volume 1, Issue 4

J. L. Akagi et al.

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khoreo magazine’s Volume 1, Issue 4! Originally published November 18, 2021. Includes five fantastic stories and two lovely essays, including: “Tomatoes” by Eugenia Triantafyllou; “Some Thoughts on Cuisine and Culture” by Aliette de Bodard; “Más chileno que…” by Lily Raphaela Philpott; “My Mother’s Samosas” by Malavika Praseed; “Review for: Izakaya Tanuki” by J. L. Akagi; “Ketchup Pork Chops and Foreign Potatoes” by C. H. Hung; and “Sorry We Missed You!” by Aun-Juli Riddle. Cover designed by Aya Ghanameh.

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