Jabberwocky 5

The elements and bedrock of Jabberwocky can be largely described as the -ical approach: lyrical, whimsical, mythical, in all its forms, particularly short fiction, poetry, and illustrative. There are no boundaries, no restrictions, no genres. If you love the art of the written word, its structure, its flow, its language, we suspect you’ll love Jabberwocky.

Issue five includes stories and poems by: Oscar Wilde, Adam B. Shaeffer, Shweta Narayan, Jesse Bullington, Erik Amundsen, Adrienne J. Odasso, A.C. Wise, Alexandra Seidel, E. Lily Yu, Peter Kovochich, James Norcliffe, Jennifer Crow, Kevin Kaiser, Berrien C. Henderson, Sonya Taaffe, Becca De La Rosa, KL Pereira, Genevieve Valentine, Sara Amis, Rose Lemberg, Patricia Russo, Virginia M. Mohlere, and Sarah E. Colona.

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