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Interzone was founded in 1982 by David Pringle, John Clute, Alan Dorey, Malcolm Edwards, Colin Greenland, Graham Jones, Roz Kaveney and Simon Ounsley.

“If there had been no Interzone to be the backbone of the British SF industry, then someone would have had to invent it. Fortunately, this happened” Terry Pratchett

Founding editor David Pringle stepped down in 2004 and the magazine has been published by TTA Press since then, from issue 194 onwards.Interzone celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2007 and is still going strong on a bimonthly schedule.

“I send my greetings and congratulations to Interzone as it completes a quarter century of publication. That may be a speck of time amidst the eras that science fiction writers dabble in, but staying in business for this long is no mean accomplishment” Sir Arthur C. Clarke

The magazine is regularly shortlisted for prestigious awards, and is a winner of the Hugo and British Fantasy Awards. Many of its stories have also won awards and/or reprints in various Year’s Best anthologies.

“In my view the magazine has never been better and, on its record, can cheerfully look forward to celebrating its half-century. I expect to join in that celebration” Michael Moorcock

Interzone has helped launch the careers of many important science fiction and fantasy authors, and continues to publish some of the world’s best known writers. Amongst those to have graced its pages are Brian Aldiss, Sarah Ash, Michael Moorcock, Bruce Sterling, William Gibson, M. John Harrison, Stephen Baxter, Iain M. Banks, J.G. Ballard, Kim Newman, Alastair Reynolds, Harlan Ellison, Greg Egan, Gwyneth Jones, Jonathan Lethem, Geoff Ryman, Rachel Pollack, Charles Stross, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, John Brunner, Paul McAuley, Ian R. MacLeod, Christopher Priest, Thomas M. Disch, Ian Watson, John Sladek, Paul Di Filippo, Rudy Rucker, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Eric Brown, Chris Beckett, Dominic Green, Jay Lake, Chris Roberson, Elizabeth Bear, Hal Duncan, Steve Rasnic Tem…

“Interzone made me” Greg Egan

We’re still discovering more than our fair share of exciting new talents and publishing some of the brightest new stars around: Aliette de Bodard, Tim Akers, Will McIntosh, Jason Stoddard, Jason Sanford, Hannu Rajaniemi, Leah Bobet, Kim Lakin-Smith, Tim Lees, Karen Fishler, Nina Allan, Alaya Dawn Johnson, Gareth L. Powell, Mercurio D. Rivera, Jamie Barras, Suzanne Palmer, Carlos Hernandez, Daniel Kaysen, Grace Dugan, Rachel Swirsky, Benjamin Rosenbaum, M.K. Hobson, Gord Sellar, Al Robertson, Neil Williamson, Tim Pratt, Matthew Kressel, Sara King and many others.

“When I first sold a story to Interzone I tried to explain the feeling to a non-genre friend. ‘It’s like getting a Peel Session,’ I said. John Peel’s Radio 1 show – irredeemably British but with an extraordinarily International passion – still seems like a good analogy toInterzone. Peel of course is sadly RIP, but Interzone is not, and long, long may it continue” Daniel Kaysen

The majority of stories are illustrated by artists such as Paul Drummond (who also designed and built this website), Vincent Chong, David Gentry, Warwick Fraser-Coombe, Jim Burns, Christopher Nurse, Richard Marchand, Lisa Konrad, Dave Senecal, Geoffrey Grisso, Kenn Brown, Daniel Bristow-Bailey…

“I was fortunate to be featured and profiled in issue 204 of Britain’s Longest Running Science Fiction Magazine. It was a proud moment for me” Hugo Award winning artist John Picacio

Interzone is also the home for a number of popular regular columns such as David Langford’s Ansible Link (news and gossip) and Nick Lowe’s Mutant Popcorn (film reviews). More recently we’ve added Tony Lee’s Laser Fodder (DVD reviews). Every issue contains several pages of book reviews and in-depth interviews. Once a year readers vote for their favourite stories and illustrations. Occasionally we dedicate an issue to a specific theme (eg Mundane-SF, issue 216, the fiction of which was guest edited by Geoff Ryman, Julian Todd and Trent Walters) or a specific author (eg Brian Aldiss in issue 38, Chris Beckett in issue 218).

“Being a writer of fiction is, for me, a very important part of who I am but the Interzone editors were the ones who first, so to speak, gave me permission to think of myself in that way” Chris Beckett

There’s still so much more to Interzone though, and even though it’s been around for years now, it’s still breaking new ground, still causing controversy— in print, e-version, and podcast (Transmissions From Beyond).

“At a time when UK publishers are pinning their fortunes on freaks and footballers, I console myself with the knowledge that the big ideas live on in Interzone” Christopher Fowler

7 Responses to “Interzone Annual Subscription”

  1. mouldysquid says:

    I would subscribe in a heartbeat if it were offered in epub.

  2. dino says:

    Glad to hear epub may be coming, I prefer that as well. Interzone was available for years in epub from (the now defunct) Fictionwise

  3. jennbrissett says:

    Finally! I’m so glad it’s here. And I, too, will be happy when it’s available as epub.

  4. gordsellar says:

    What about MOBI? I could always convert epub, but mobi is my preferred format…

    • Michael says:

      Word from TTA Press in August was that they’re developing a new workflow to generate both EPUB and MOBI. So it should happen eventually!

  5. Michael says:

    An update on the ebook future of Issue 249 and beyond from TTA Press’s own Andy Cox:

    “Beginning with issue 248 we’ve been trying to improve the epub of Interzone by making it a lot more like the magazine itself instead of some mere text file alternative. The issue 248 epub/mobi contained errors which I personally tried to solve with issue 249. Unfortunately in the process I somehow managed to introduce a whole lot more errors, which were so bad we could not possibly release it. We’re pretty sure we’ve tracked down the source of the errors and have been writing a CSS template from scratch in an attempt to make the export from InDesign to epub a lot more accurate and error free. This has taken more time than I’d hoped (an expert is writing the code but he also has a full time job and a young family to contend with), but as soon as it’s done I’ll try the export again, fix up the resulting files, and upload the epub/mobi to everyone who’s been waiting for it, including Weightless.”

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