Infinity Plus Singles, e-Locus Is a Hit

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This week we have ten new short story singles from UK publisher Infinity Plus, all at the low low price of 99 cents! These are part of a numbered series, including some brand new stories and some classics. Hopefully we’ll have more of them in the not-too-distant future.

Meanwhile, electronic issues of Locus, the Magazine of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Field have been selling like gangbusters since we added them last week. Just seven days and they’re already our bestseller for the month (!), thanks in no small part, no doubt, to a boingboinging.

In other news, Gavin is away in Oz for the next month, which leaves me, Michael, to do things like add new titles and write updates.

Which allows me to share with you the following (hopefully) helpful troubleshooting hint: Locus ebook files are big, upwards of 15 megabytes, due to the array of wonderful color photos and book ads which are part of what make each issue great. Unfortunately this is a little too big for some email servers to handle, including ours. This means the best way to get them onto your ereader is by downloading the files to your computer and loading them via a cable rather than trying to send them wirelessly.

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