Going Forward

In case you haven’t heard, as of 2022 Weightless Books is now officially operated by me, Michael, not by Gavin.

Gavin has already said many of the things I’d have wanted to say about the changeover (it was extremely amicable), but I just wanted to emphasize what a great experience it has been working with him on this project these more than ten years. Not to put him in position of having to reject a lot of advances from potential co-workers, as it is rather the point of me taking over at Weightless so he can have more time to do very worthwhile other things such as running an indie bookstore and reading, but if you ever get a chance to work closely with Gavin Grant on an independent creative venture, please do so. You will learn much and grow as a person and not regret it.

What lies in the future for Weightless Books? For now, more of the same comfortable convenient delivery of ebooks from independent SFF and allied small publishers. You may see a slightly different tone out of the twitter. You may, gradually, begin to see more new magazines and titles on here. I have a fair queue of ideas for new directions, but for the moment those will wait in the wings.

If you have any suggestions, put them in the comments below or drop a line?

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  1. Divinenanny says:

    Good luck Michael. One suggestion, please enable purchasing from the EU. I really want to support you guys….

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