Binding the God: Ursine Essays from the Mountain South

December 2010:
9781590212196 · 232 pp · trade paper/ebook

A much lauded essayist and poet, Jeff Mann writes of the passion and pain of being a Southern gentleman who happens to be invested in many worlds: the hungers of gay Bear culture; the propensities of leather and bondage; the frustrations of academia; and the perspectives of an Appalachian who has traveled the world. In Binding the God, his second collection of essays, Mann offers readers another tour of his consciousness and experiences. This volume includes essays previously published in Arts and Letters, Second Person Queer, Callaloo, Now and Then, White Crane, Queer and Catholic, and other journals and anthologies.


“What always impresses me about Mann’s work is its fearless self-examination. Confessional writing is nothing new, but rather than hiding behind self-deprecating humor like Augusten Burroughs or reveling in depravity like so many other authors hellbent on exposing their addictive personalities, Mann meets his life head on with a frank, engaging involvement. He never distances or hides behind himself for the sake of his own comfort.”
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