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Crashin’ the Real: One Woman’s Search for Truth, Justice… and Steven Tyler

When gonzo columnist Eve Petra is fired by her magazine’s new owner, she spends a couple of days (okay, a week or so) wallowing in self-pity and Jack Daniels. To her great dismay, no one wants to hire a middle-aged female version of Hunter Thompson. The market has changed. People have changed. The only thing that hasn’t changed is Eve.

Lying on her bed wondering what the hell has happened to her life, it comes to her. Who has weathered every whim of the fickle public for nearly five decades? Who has shown the ability to rise from the ashes of every disaster? Who is looking down at her from a poster taped to her bedroom ceiling?

Rock God Steven Tyler.

Armed with a Glock and a bottle of Jack, accompanied by her adventurous Grandma Rose, Eve starts on a cross-country trip to find her hero, and to ask him to explain the meaning of life to her. Along the way, she escapes murderous circus performers, becomes a Girl Scout cookie and meets a Wild Man in a sharkskin suit–just a few of the adventures that open Eve’s eyes and change her perspective on life.

Now she just needs to find Steven Tyler and get him to tell her what the hell she should do next . . . and keep Grandma Rose from seducing him.

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