A Lasting Cure for Magic

Contagious magic: there just might not be a cure…

Picking up two minutes after the shocking and unnerving ending to A Wild Epidemic of Magic, this third book in the Contagious Magic series finds Kelley and Jeroan stranded in Dubuque, Iowa, just after their parentsóand all the Sorcerers they met in the past two monthsówere whisked away by none other than the vengeful Druid.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, the twins have lost all their magic. Kelley and Jeroan now must work together, for the first time in their lives, to get their parents back and save the world from the Druid, who is not happy about his 200-year banishment.

But first the twins have to find a way to undo their unwanted “cure” for magic and get their powers back, before it’s too lateófor everyone.

The fantastic conclusion to the Contagious Magic trilogy that started with A Sudden Outbreak of Magic and continued with A Wild Epidemic of Magic.

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