A Westward Love

V. J. Banis (Author)

Claire Hayes was an Englishwoman with pale blonde hair and dark, burning eyes. Soon she was crossing the wild, wide American continent. Its roughness would strengthen her, and five men would help make her a woman: Peter, the husband drawn to prayer and the golden California sun; Morton, the trapper who saved her life and wanted full payment; Lone Eagle, the tall chief who bought her, loved her, and gave her his child; Don Hernando, the Spanish-American aristocrat; and Camden Summers, the fearless half-Indian, half-English scout. And always there was Claire, surviving them all!

“A master storyteller.” —The Nashville Banner.

“The master’s touch in storytelling.” —Publishers Weekly.

“V. J. Banis is a national treasure. His stories are filled with believable characters and situations, and are meticulously researched. I couldn’t put this one down!”–Robert Reginald.

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