Wilde Stories 2013: The Year’s Best Gay Speculative Fiction

In the 2013 volume, editor Steve Berman has collected stories of adolescents suffering growing pains in the midst of lake monsters, boyfriends seeking safe pest-free shelter in an infested dystopian world, the most unique story of a boy and his dog ever written, and pirates encountering a living island. A dozen tales written by award-winning authors

L Lark ~ K. M. Ferebee  ~ Alex Jeffers ~ Richard Bowes ~ Vincent Kovar ~ John Langan ~ Steve Vernon ~ Rahul Kanakia ~ Laird Barron ~ Ray Cluley ~ Hal Duncan ~ Chaz Brenchley

”The solid latest volume in this annual collection of gay speculative fiction includes a dozen stories from 2012, chosen by editor and publisher Berman (Boys of Summer) from various sources. While the only criterion is that each story must have a gay character or theme, a seductive undercurrent involving the sea or water symbolically connects many of the stories…. With many genres, tones, and styles represented, there’s a little something for everyone.”
Publishers Weekly

”The various authors anthologized here write on different subjects ranging from a gay, humanoid cephalopod couple to a man tormented by the dead after his lover’s suicide. Despite the disparities, the collection comes together as a remarkably coherent whole, and none of the characters’ queer identities outweigh the telling of the tales….An impressive collection brimming with originality.”
Kirkus Reviews

Steve Berman writes way too little fiction but does manage to edit at least one anthology every year so his feline companion, Daulton, can be kept content with daily meals of rotisserie chicken. The Wilde Stories annual series has twice been a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award, which pleases Steve because he does have a great love for queer speculative fiction. He resides in southern New Jersey, the only state in the Union with an official devil.

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