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Virgin Sailors

A collection of red hot and shocking true-to-life stories about horny young British sailors and their outrageous gay antics on and offshore. Join Mike, Dave, Danny and Smudge on their first reunion since they left training. What happens next is unforgettable.

“Was there any, even the slightest indication, that one of them might be gay? I guess deep inside I just wanted to cement our friendships further, not to have to be lying to them about my own gayness all the time, constantly living that double life. For sure, there had been plenty of times in training when any or all of us might have been naughty with another. Often two of us would pair off and disappear for a couple of hours. Dave and Mike paired off together the most. Like I was closer to Danny, Mike and Dave were closer to each other. Maybe, just maybe, they were having a secret relationship throughout our training. I really hoped so.”

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