The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction – March/April 2018

C.C. Finlay et al.

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The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, founded in 1949, is the award-winning SF magazine which is the original publisher of SF classics like Stephen King’s Dark Tower, Daniel Keyes’s Flowers for Algernon, and Walter M. Miller’s A Canticle for Leibowitz. Each double-sized bimonthly issue offers:
compelling short fiction by writers such as David Gerrold., Ursula K. Le Guin, Terry Bisson and many others;
the science fiction field’s most respected and outspoken opinions on Books, Films and Science;
humor from our cartoonists and writers.

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Likho   –   Andy Stewart

The Satyr of Brandenburg   –   Charlotte Ashley
Deep Sea Fish   –   Chi Hui
Hideous Flowerpots   –   Susan Palwick
A Dog of Wu   –   Ted Rabinowitz

The Next to the Last of the Mohegans   –   Joseph Bruchac
The Beast from Below   –   William Ledbetter
A Swim and a Crawl   –   Marc Laidlaw
The Harmonic Resonance of Ejiro Anaborhi   –   Wole Talabi
Down Where Sound Comes Blunt   –   G.V. Anderson

After the Wolf   –   Jeff Crandall
Diaspora   –   Mary Soon Lee

Books to Look For   –   Charles de Lint
Musing on Books   –   Michelle West
Plumage From Pegasus: The Varley Corps Wants You   –   Paul Di Filippo
Science: Naked-Eye Astronomy   –   Jerry Oltion
Films: The Shape of Things Coming Soon   –   David J. Skal
Coming Attractions   –
Curiosities   –   Robert Eldridge

Arthur Masear, Arthur Masear, S. Harris, S. Harris, Danny Shanahan, Bill Long, Kendra Allenby.

Cory and Catska Ench for “The Satyr of Brandenburg”

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