The Innocent’s Progress and Other Stories

In an unnamed place, in a time that never was, sex is elevated as high as ritual, and can be had for the price of a theater ticket. In The Innocent’s Progress and Other Stories, Peter Tupper explores the many facets of a complicated, sensual, and, in many ways, rigidly conservative society. Here, we are given passes to a theater of fantasies; we are allowed into the labyrinthine world of steam-powered workhouses; and we are given glimpses into the minds and mettle of the kind of people who survive in such a world.

Praise for The Innocent’s Progress:

By the time I’d finished the second story, “The Pretty Horsebreaker,” I was immersed in Tupper’s alternate world, a place both historically familiar and yet culturally strange.
—Steampunk Scholar

About the author: Peter Tupper’s first professional fiction sale was to Circlet Press’s S/M Futures anthology back in the mid-1990s. In addition to working as a journalist, he blogs about the history of BDSM at, and co-founded Metro Vancouver Kink, a non-profit community organization.

Includes the stories:

* The Innocent’s Progress (originally published in Like A Wisp of Steam)
* The Pretty Horsebreaker (originally published in Like A Corset Undon)
* Delicate Work
* The Slave
* The Impurity
* The Spirit of the Future

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