The Big Click Issue 13

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For our second anniversary issue, we have a theme for our fiction offerings: Women and Danger. Not Women in Danger, though that is always popular in crime fiction, of course. But for better or for worse, we like to buck the trends. We begin with B. DeMarco-Barrett╒s ╥Message in a Bottle,╙ about the importance of throwing your beer bottles in the pool when you’ve drunk all the Bud Lite in the house. Being a litterbug could save your life! Then we have Rebecca Ore’s “Adulterer and Bandsaw,” which, well… is about an adulterer, and, oh you figure it out. We also have nonfiction by Tom Piccirilli and Barry Graham, and capsule reviews of the hottest crime novels. Good times! (If you read us regularly, you know that’s not actually the case.)

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