Subversion: Science Fiction and Fantasy Tales of Challenging the Norm

Bart R. Leib et al.

Subversion: Science Fiction & Fantasy tales of challenging the norm is an anthology of stories about striking back at the status quo — whatever that might be. The Authority can be real or perceived; the act of subversion subtle or overt; and the consequences minute yet significant, or immense and world-shaking.

Table of Contents:
Jennifer Brozek, Foreword
Jessica Reisman, “A Thousand Wings of Luck”
Camille Alexa, “And All Its Truths”
Melissa S. Green, “Pushaway”
Daniel Jos� Older, “Phantom Overload”
Kelly Jennings, “Cold Against the Bone”
Barbara Krasnoff, “The Red Dybbuk”
Natania Barron, “Pushing Paper in Hartleigh”
Kay T. Holt, “Parent Hack”
Jean Johnson, “The Hero Industry”
Cat Rambo, “Flicka”
Shanna Germain, “Seed”
RJ Astruc & Deirdre M. Murphy, “Scrapheap Angel”
C.A. Young, “The Dragon’s Bargain”
Wendy N. Wagner, “A Tiny Grayness in the Dark”
Timothy T. Murphy, “Received Without Content”
Caleb Jordan Schulz, “To Sleep With Pachamama”

Cover art: “New Generation of Leaders” by Brittany Jackson

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