Something Wicked Issue 16 (December 2011)

Joe Vaz et al.

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Well here we are in December.
How the hell did that happen?

Iメm really excited about this monthメs issue as we have some really awesome fiction for yメall as well as a great interview with one of my favourite people, the scary-ass mofo Danny Trejo, (known to most of you as Machete).

We have two fantastic original pieces this month and two reprints, a great all-rounder for you with spaceships, zombies, the destruction of mankind and a ritual to commune with God.
Our first story for the month is モGod of Lightヤ, by Domyelle Rhyse, in which a young girl attempts a last minute escape from a ritual ceremony. モBreathing Spaceヤ by Sheila Crosby, is our novelette for the month, a hard SF piece set on a mining vessel.
Next up is our end-of-the-world piece for the month, モPulseヤ, by Tom Jolly and we close of the issue, and the year, with our cover story, a poignant look at how the other half live, in モSix Feet Aboveヤ, by Cate Gardner.

As I mentioned, our feature interview this month is with the baddest-ass Mexi-Can ever, Mr. Danny Trejo.
Our book review this month is a year-end review of some of our story-editor, Vianne Venterメs, favourite reads for the year with particular focus on Justin Croninメs The Passage and Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion.

And thatメs it for this issue, and for 2011. Weメll be back in the first week of January with Issue 17 which features fiction by Genevieve Rose Taylor, Mel Odom, K.A. Dean and Cat Hellisen.
Till then, have a great holiday season, and an awesome new year and weメll see you all in 2012.

Thanks, as usually, to our dedicated staff (of two) Mark Sykes and Vianne for keeping this magazine turning over from month to month, to the amazing writers who have submitted stories to us, and of course to you, our loyal readers.

Ciao for niao.

2 Dec 2011

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