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Shades of Pleasure

These eight erotic tales from the ever-inventive Renée M. Charles look at sexuality through a futuristic lens. Each steamy story presents its own vision of the future, sometimes good, sometimes bad, and frequently politically charged: one story takes place in a world where heterosexuals are a minority and politicians give their constituents a hands-on demonstration of their commitment to pleasing the people; another features a pair of hermaphrodites, having struggled to fit in in Earth society, finding a place making a very intimate form of first contact with newly-discovered alien species; in a third, a girl becomes a nude model (and more) for an artistically-inclined older woman in a future where all “obscenity” is banned. Sexy, imaginative, and often pointed, these stories provide a variety of unique shades of pleasure, with erotic encounters involving women, men, and everything in between.

This collection contains the following stories: Color of Pain, Shade of Pleasure; Genus Olisbos; The Delectation Debates; Diving Into Oceans of Air; Like a Reflection in a Mirror Without Glass; Dragon Chains; Rubbing Magic’s Lantern; Nudes Ascending a Staircase.

Renee M. Charles’s fiction—both under her own name and her hard-core erotica-only Renee pen name—has either appeared in or is scheduled to appear in over 130 magazines and anthologies, including BEST AMERICAN EROTICA, THE YEAR’S BEST FANTASY & HORROR 1991, 1993 & 1994, F&SF, FULL SPECTRUM IV, THE ULTIMATE ZOMBIE, THE HOT BLOOD SERIES, LOVE IN VEIN, GRUE, 2 AM, TWILIGHT ZONE MAGAZINE and many, many others. Her non-fiction has appeared in OMNI, SPACE & TIME, WRITER’S DIGEST, CEMETERY DANCE, TWILIGHT ZONE and THE HORROR SHOW. Her erotic short stories have appeared previously in several Circlet anthologies. She also has two novels published by Bantam Books and reprinted by Borgo Press, THE AMULET and DARK JOURNEY. She lives in the Midwest, with a houseful (literally) of cats, some of whom have appeared in her novels and short fiction.

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