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Secret Lives of Books

Secret lives, replete with possibilities. Elsewhere exists as a better place, in a better time, for a better life. The trick is how to get there from here. These stories give the answers. Share in the secret lives of books. Fly to Mars, the first stage, perhaps, in the onward journey to elsewhere. Hear the music of the heavenly spheres and be forever changed, providing the bad guys don’t hear it first. Discover Gaia may not be quite what we think she is. Discover the universe is a rather big place. Embrace Utopia for women too, if only …

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The Secret Lives of Books
  • Kiddofspeed
  • Qasida
  • The Kairos Effect
  • The slut and the universe

Rosaleen Love’s stories evoke a sensibility that is wholly, distinctively hers… The irony that pervades this sensibility functions as a sort of glue that imbues each story’s incidents and observations with meaning. – L. Timmel Duchamp

Rosaleen Love’s previous collections Total Devotion Machine and Evolution Annie were published by the Women’s Press alongside classic works by Joanna Russ, Suzy McKee Charnas and Octavia Butler.

Reviews and Interviews

Rosaleen is the guest on Galactic Chat Episode 52- Listen here.

About the Author

Rosaleen Love grew up in sub-tropical Queensland surrounded by science and writing. She attended Ipswich Girls’ Grammar prior to studying science at the University of Queensland and at Cambridge University. Love undertook her PhD studies at the University of Melbourne during the 1970s. She has lectured in the history and philosophy of science and in professional writing, teaching at the Swinburne University of Technology and the Victoria University of Technology. She is the author of Reefscape: Reflections of the Great Barrier Reef, published by National Academies Press. Rosaleen Love’s previously collected stories have been published in The Total Devotion Machine and Other Stories (1989), Evolution Annie and Other Stories (1993) and The Travelling Tide (2005). In 2009, Love was awarded the A Bertram Chandler Award for Lifetime Achievement by the Australian Science Fiction Foundation.

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