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Queeroes 2

In the sequel to Steven Bereznai’s action-packed (and muscle-packed) adventure story featuring high school students gifted with superhuman powers, the town of Nuffim is once more the scene for mayhem. Gorgeous Troy Allstar has come out of the closet, but that doesn’t mean his life is about to get any easier. An empath, able to influence the emotions of everybody around him, he’ll need all his abilities trying to navigate life…and deadly dangers that seem like coincidence but are just part of a new threat’s dastardly plan. Can Troy and his friends–his geeky younger brother who is thrust into dating for the first time; his boyfriend Chad who is catty in demeanor and form whenever he wants; Mandy, the head cheerleader who has taken to stealing–save the day? Or will they just be another bunch of pop heroes that goes from front page phenom to the obits.

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