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Parenting without God

Children inevitably turn to their parents for more than just food and security; equally important are assurance, recognition, and interpretation of life. A child develops best in an environment where creativity and discovery are unimpeded by the artificial restrictions of blind faith and dogmatic belief. Parenting without God is for parents who lack belief in a god and who are seeking guidance on raising freethinkers and social-justice-aware children. This practical guide—written with humility, compassion, and understanding—helps parents provide their children with the tools for standing up to attempts at religious proselytization. It is also for parents trying to make the world a better place by educating their own children about all forms of discrimination that continue to serve as a barrier to the fundamentals of human dignity and democracy. It’s for parents who wish for their children to question everything and to learn how to reach their own conclusions based on verifiable evidence and reason. Above all, Arel makes the penetrating argument that parents should lead by example—both by speaking candidly about the importance of secularism and by living an openly and unabashedly secular life. This second edition has been expanded with new material from the author.

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