Orthogonal: The War at Home

John Bowker et al.

Not all wars are fought on the battlefield. From the Arctic ice to the front hall closet, from the depths of space to the laptop screen, discover the conflicts closer to home in the first five stories chosen during the first anonymous reading period at OrthogonalSF.net.

  • Read the letter she thought she’d never write, revealing the secret past of someone you thought you knew in Sarah L. Johnson’s “The First Wife”
  • Look into the face of anarchy and see your own eyes staring back in “#Anon and the Antlers” by Michael J. Deluca
  • Joyriding fathers might be stuck in space but a pair of foul-mouthed sons will never give up in Douglas W. Milliken’s “Tootsie-Pop”
  • Taste the horrors lurking beneath the delicious, shimmering surface of the perfect home in Alana I. Capria’s “Gelatin Molds”
  • In a future of near-infinite possibility, are you a Min or a Max? The answer is waiting in Josh Pearce’s “A Citizen’s Guide to the Kingdom of Heaven”

The first volume in an occasional series, Orthogonal is the pop-up restaurant of literary SF, serving fresh, hot, free-range fiction. Looking for a taste of something new? Order up!

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