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Francesca Lia Block’s edgy tales of the Los Angeles dreamscape that is ‘Shangri-L.A.’ have thrilled millions of readers and literary critics alike. The author of Weetzie Bat, Dangerous Angels, The Rose and the Beast, and several other best-selling books here brings her sensual, dream-like fantasies full circle with this erotic work for adult readers, NYMPH.

As in her other works, Block weaves together themes of subtle magic, youthful hopes, modern urban decay, and deep emotion, told with lyrical storybook language.The stories in NYMPH bear all the hallmarks of classic Francesca Lia Block–punk-spirited characters who celebrate love, life, and art– with one important different: this time the author carries her vision through the full range of emotion and erotic interaction that her mature audience appreciates.

An interconnected series of stories, NYMPH is a special journey through the lives and loves of characters like Plum, a Crayon-haired girl who has a gift: if she makes love with a person, that person will then meet their true love, or Tom, a burned out surfer whose luck changes when he is rescued by a mysterious, wheelchair-bound woman, or Sylvie, a chronically depressed poet who finds beauty in unexpected places. Block’s erotic explorations of these smoky, kaleidoscopic fables are anything but conventional; these are stories of love, loss, and life, about the healing power of sex and bonding.

Many many great reviews were published for the original hardcover and paperback editions of the book. Here are just a few excerpts:

“There are spirits, magic, an erotic undersea rescue that spills out onto land, linked dreams, and a powerfully wicked pornographic surgeon. When a dancer in a strip club waves her many arms like tentacles, I was reminded of Tanner Sack, the amphibious Remade in China Mieville’s The Scar. But the stories in Nymph don’t take the reader to another, distant world, but deeper into the unspoken places of this one. Each story is small and radiant, with delicate, precise language and spare settings that open into hidden recesses of consciousness and sexuality.” — Susan Stinson, Strange Horizons

“The author of the beloved Weetzie Bat books .. offers a slim collection of adult stories, erotica for grown-up goth maidens and sexpots who like their tales of passion infused with witchy magic. These nine interconnected tales celebrate carnal delights and the transformative power of love, with occasional lapses into syrupy repetition, but they also peek compassionately into romances laced with themes of grief, heartbreak and renewal.” –Publishers Weekly

“Block (I Was a Teenage Fairy, 1998, etc.) moves into the adult market—the very adult market—in a series of tales tied together by lyrical sex that would stir a wooden Indian. Call these bedtime firecrackers.” — Kirkus Reviews

“This is a book of subtleties and sensations directed more towards our Senses and sensibilities than our base desire to read about good hot sex in graphic and descriptive language. Francesca Lia Block sharpens our senses with anticipation rather then numbing them with receptive and un mediated images. She understands well the potential of Fantasy Genre to support this type of the erotic short story.” — Philip Kaveny, Midwest Book Review

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