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Food is the language of love in a near-future world of plague, smog, and alienation. Hardwicke Arar, a relentless perfectionist, is the chef at NoFood, the most famous restaurant in the world. He serves imaginary food to diners who cannot digest it, because they have all had the fashionable surgery Total Gastric Bypass. His wife Seychelles loves him so much that she can actually taste what he creates. Gringo hunts the world for mushrooms and other illegal delicacies in a world of embargo, providing what people desire in an endless act of expiation for his daughter. Fats Bester, an artist among donut-makers, is saved by Carl, NoFood’s zen headwaiter. Donovan Donovan, hardheaded embargo lawyer for Hardy and Seychelles, is transformed by Cena, Hardy’s posthumous daughter.

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