New York Review of Science Fiction #284

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On the Edges: Science fiction in the borders of the world; John Jakes’s f&sf short fiction; Pinocchio and the Borg Queen; surprisingly perverse early sf; weird fiction from an Estonian master; and reviews.

ISSUE #284 April 2012
Volume 24, No. 8 ISSN #1052-9438

Table of Contents


Chris N. Brown: Science Fiction in the Edgelands: 1
Mike Barrett: “War Drums of Mercury Lost”: John Jakes’s Fantasy & Science Fiction Short Stories:
Victor Grech: The Pinocchio Syndrome and the Prosthetic Impulse in Science Fiction: 11
Darrell Schweitzer: Dying in an Ecstasy of Blood: The Half-Remembered Perversities
of David H. Keller’s “The Revolt of the Pedestrians” (1928): 16
James Morrow: Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain: Pragmatism and Fantasy in American Popular Culture: 20
Robert Eldridge: Friedebert Tuglas, Estonian Gothic Symbolist: 21


Welcome to the Greenhouse, edited by Gordon Van Gelder, reviewed by D. Douglas Fratz: 18
Stephen King’s 11/22/63, reviewed by Wendy Bousfield: 19
Chewy Screed (22) and an editorial (24).
Samuel R. Delany, Contributing Editor; Kris Dikeman and Avram Grumer, Associate Managing Editors.
Alex Donald, Web Site Editor; David G. Hartwell, Reviews and Features Editor; Kevin J. Maroney, Managing Editor.
Staff: Ann Crimmins, Jen Gunnels, Heather Masri, M’jit Raindancer-Stahl, Eugene Reynolds, and Anne Zanoni.
Weekly Crew: Lisa Padol and Christine Quiñones. Special thanks to Arthur D. Hlavaty and Eugene Surowitz.

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