Mythic Delirium 2.3

Sheila Finch et al.

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In our first issue of 2016, Sheila Finch, Janna Layton, and Jeannette Ng provide fantasy tales that have embedded within them thoughtful takes on Christian themes, in the best traditions of Stephen King or James Morrow. A breeze from the ocean wafts through each of these tales as well, bearing tidings of murder, mayhem, and mermaids.

The poems in this issue further some of the motifs found in the fiction. Sandi Leibowitz and Melissa Frederick contemplate worlds ending; Olchar E. Lindsann discusses deicide while Edith Hope Bishop contemplates horrors that have become disturbingly everyday; Alexandra Seidel and Jennifer Crow complete the tour by taking us out to sea.

Our cover photograph, by Anne Sampson, depicts a sculpture by Anita Allen.

• “Burdens” by Sheila Finch
• “Umbrellas of the Aftermath” by Sandi Leibowitz
• “Moving the Earth” by Melissa Frederick
• “Luz and Bee at the Beach” by Janna Layton
• “The Immortal Accursed” by Olchar E. Lindsann
• “When the Gunman Comes” by Edith Hope Bishop
• “Three Hundred Years” by Jeannette Ng
• “Deep Sea Mermaid Fishing” by Alexandra Seidel
• “Love, and the Merciless Sea” by Jennifer Crow

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