Mothership Zeta Magazine – Issue 6

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The Q1 2017 issue of Mothership Zeta: the sixth quarterly issue of Mothership Zeta, featuring another beautiful cover from Elizabeth Leggett.

  • Editorials by Mur Lafferty and Karen Bovenmyer
  • Fiction: Thursday in the Ice Fortress of Zelatharia the Terrible by Sarah Crowe
  • Nonfiction: No Longer Hidden by Alex Acks
  • Fiction: The Remora by Matthew Claxton
  • Nonfiction: Repositories of Wonder by Jeremy Brett
  • Fiction: The Mango Tree by Shveta Thakrar
  • Nonfiction: The Story Doctor Is (In) by James Patrick Kelly
  • Fiction: Legendary Legend of the Darkly’s Slayer by J. R. Dawson
  • Fiction: Fairies and Tails by S. Zahedi
  • Fiction: Montreal, 2014 by Madeline Ray
  • Nonfiction: Review: Joe M. McDermott’s The Fortress at the End of Time by David Simms
  • Fiction: Over and Over Until the End by Miranda Suri
  • Fiction: Aeternum by Anna F. Humphrey
  • Convention List

Mothership Zeta is the first ezine project to come out of Escape Artists (publisher of podcast magazines Escape Pod, Pseudopod, and Podcastle). We are an ebook-only zine that focuses on new fiction with a fun undertone along with nonfiction from experts in science fiction, science, and more!


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