Weird Tales #358

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Weird Tales is the original storytelling magazine of the dark and fantastic.

This issue features: THE EYRIE, by Ann VanderMeer; A SWEET DISORDER IN THE DRESS, by Genevieve Valentine; WEIRD CINEMA, by Robert A. Kowal; THE LIBRARY by Cynthia Ward; CARRIE ANN BAADE, Interviewed by Ann VanderMeer; THE DINER ON THE EDGE OF HELL, by Ramsey Shehadeh; JAGANNATH, by Karin Tidbeck; A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO SANDCASTLE ALCHEMY, by Nik Houser; LOOK AT THE JAM I’M IN, by Richard Holinger; THE HAND, by Gio Clairval; A CONTRACT WITHOUT LOOPHOLES, by Eric Lis; BEELZEBUB’S MESSIAH, by Brant Danay; LOST IN LOVECRAFT, by Kenneth Hite.

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