Lonely Stardust

Lonely Stardust: Two Plays, a Speech, and Eight Essays brings us the text of nine marvelous works of scholarly performance as well as two works of drama in which the fantastic shows us the way through despair. In several of the pieces here, Hairstonメs sharp, visionary eye examines Hollywood blockbusters and finds a great deal to think about, even as she impatiently slices through hackneyed received views that do popular culture and its fans no favors. Taken together, these essays and plays broadcast a message of hope and intelligence that defiantly insists that our ability and desire to tell stories defines our humanity and is one of our most valuable resources.

“The common denominator in Hairston’s diverse interests is that they all elevate the art of storytelling. Her new works continue an ongoing exploration of science, art and culture, and how we use them to navigate life and our sense of the world. Part meditation, part contemplation, part invitation, her work is infused with what Hairston has come to see as a few fundamental, interconnected truths: that our stories define us, not everything can be explained and play is critical to our survival.” (read the whole essay here) — “The Enchantment of Imagining,” Jane Falla, Insight, July 18, 2014

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