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Living Gay

Clark released Living Gay in 1979. Lethe Press is pleased to reissue this wonderful book that offers inspiration and insight into being gay – though decades have passed since the original volume appeared and LGBT rights and lives are no longer whispered about in the shadows, Clark’s wisdom about leading life in a positive and fulfilling way without denying same-sex desire is neither dated nor ephemeral. Living Gay is a book that still welcomes 21st century readers and encourages their lives, loves, and spirits.Ever since the publication of the best-selling book Loving Someone Gay, clinical psychologist Donald Clark has received a constant stream of letters from readers who wanted to share something important with him. Sometimes they have questions, sometimes they just want to talk to a kindred spirit. Clark writes: “The first few months after publication were disorienting, since I was trying to maintain my normal life as a clinical psychologist in private practice, a teacher, and, more important, a father and a lover, while doing publicity tours, media interviews and autograph parties. I was so distracted that I did not realize until months later how much I had learned during that period. But slowly I recognized that a common thread ran through the letters and the comments of people I was meeting. They said they appreciated learning about me in the book, because it was helpful to identify with my experience, thoughts, and feelings and those of my clients and friends. It took a while but I got the message. Readers wanted more and they wanted it in the form of simple truth about me and the people I know. One day I realized that Living Gay had been taking shape in my mind for a long time. A friend asked what the next book was going to be about and without a moment’s hesitation I said ‘About living, loving, aging and dying as seen from a gay perspective.'”

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