Like Butterflies in Iron

Lauren Senger et al.

With the ever growing craze of the supernatural comes the next anthology in Circlet Press’ line of erotic fantasy anthologies, Like Butterflies in Iron. Dark and erotic, this series of short stories takes fairies out of their classic settings and places them into the urban world of today. Though the stories vary in length, style, and use of fae creatures, they combine to make a collection that intrigues all audiences, whether interested in gay, lesbian, bisexual, or heterosexual encounters.

We live in a world where environmental degradation and economic hardship are facts of life.
Paralleling our lives that sometimes seem to be falling apart around us, these stories show how fairies themselves have had to deal with human destruction. But like a wildflower growing up through a crack in concrete, even the bleakest tale of loneliness or despair can sprout beauty and hope. These fairies have learned that, while they may not live in the enchanted forests or green fields of their ancestors, they must find peace in the small things–the touch of another, the beauty of a flower, the taste of something sweet–and teaches us to do the same.

Table of Contents:
* The Beauty of Broken Glass by Frances Selkirk
* Equinox by C.A. Young
* Fairy in the Garden by Beryl Falls
* Doppelganger by Michael M. Jones
* Loel’s Choice by Essemoh Teepee
* A Goblin in Hand by Monique Poirier
* A Fairytale of New Cross by Elizabeth Coldwell

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