Like a Coming Wave

Andrea Trask et al.

The ocean is a vast playground of creatures real and imagined, rife with power and depth. In LIKE A COMING WAVE eight of fantasy’s best writers explore the erotic potential in the world of water. Mermaids and -men, selkies, Greek Gods, and even kraken cavort in these pages, featuring stories from Nisi Shawl, Julie Cox, Marie Carlson, Pepper Espinoza, and more, representing various sexualities and styles. Table of Contents Breathing by Julie Cox Extremiad by Nisi Shawl Helios and Ceto by Pepper Espinoza To the Sea,To the Sea by Marie Carlson Wet Medium by Beryl Falls A Requiem for Poseidon by S. C. Mitchell Silk Skin by Elias A. St. James How Much Water, How Much Air by M.E. Comstock

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