Land of Dreams

Celeste has nothing to live for. Anxious and afraid, she can hardly muster the courage to leave her unfurnished apartment. No one, least of all her, expected her to jump. But when an old man told her about the city in the stars, jump is exactly what she did.

Nod, the land of the dreams, is nothing like she imagined, and things start going wrong as soon as she walks through the gate. Accidents, unexpected guests, imprisonment—it really is too much. Celeste runs, but unbeknownst to her she is being hunted. She isn’t the only one with problems, though. For better or worse, those she encounters on her travels through Nod are swept up in her wake.

In a place where even one’s wildest dreams can come true with no more than a thought, everything is exactly what it seems—until one unwitting catalyst changes everything.

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