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It Was Too Soon Before

It Was Too Soon Before is the autobiography of Richard Fullmer who wrote under the nom de plume Dirk Vanden. He was a serious novelist in the early days of the development of the gay literary genre. His first books were published–augmented with sex scenes inserted by the publisher–as porn pulps. The book tells the story of his life from his upbringing as a devout Mormon to his discovery of sexual realities to his move to the gay meccas of San Francisco and Los Angeles in the 1960s and discovery of the thriving gay counterculture through the death to AIDS of his longtime partner to retirement and obscurity to a “rebirth” as his books have been rediscovered by modern gay literary scholars. The book includes “The Wit & Wisdom of Gabriel Horny,” a collection of humor and wisdom in short aphorisms that express the spiritual wisdom Fullmer has garnered through his 78 years.

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