Andy Cox et al.

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The November–December issue of Britain’s longest running sf magazine magazine contains new stories by Malcolm Devlin, RM Graves, Thana Niveau, Tim Major, E. Catherine Tobler, Jennifer Dornan-Fish, Tom Greene. The cover art is by Wayne Haag, and interior colour illustrations are by Wayne Haag, Richard Wagner, Martin Hanford. All the usual features are present: Ansible Link by David Langford (news and obits); Mutant Popcorn by Nick Lowe (film reviews); Laser Fodder by Tony Lee (DVD/Blu-ray reviews); Book Zone (book reviews); Jonathan McCalmont’s Future Interrupted (comment) and Nina Allan’s Time Pieces (comment). Paul Cockburn interviews Hannu Rajaniemi and Andy Hedgecock writes "A Chubster’s Appreciation" of Graham Joyce.

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