Galaxy’s Edge Magazine: Issue 12, January 2015 (Predestination Movie Tie-In Special)

Mike Resnick et al.

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Predestination Movie Tie-In Special (Starring Ethan Hawke & Sarah Snook)*

Galaxy’s Edge is a bi-monthly (every two months) magazine published by Phoenix Pick, the science fiction and fantasy imprint of Arc Manor, an award winning independent press based in Maryland. Each issue of the magazine has a mix of new and old (reprint) stories, a serialization of a novel, columns by Barry Malzberg and Gregory Benford, book reviews by Paul Cook and an interview conducted by Joy Ward.

Mike Resnick, Editor
Shahid Mahmud, Publisher

Special tie-in with the movie PREDESTINATION. Includes “All You Zombies—“ by Robert A. Heinlein (short story the movies is based on), an interview with the Spierig Brothers (the Directors of the movie) and a special column on “All You Zombies—“ and Robert A. Heinlein by Barry Malzberg.

Stories by: Robert T. Jeschonek, Gardner Dozois, Sandra M. Odell, Maureen McHugh, Ron Friedman, Robert A. Heinlein, Zaslow Crane, Jack McDevitt, Andrea G. Stewart, Tina Gower

Serialization: Melodies of the Heart by Michael Flynn

Columns by: Barry Malzberg, Gregory Benford

Book Reviews: Paul Cook.

Interview: Joy Ward interviews Michael and Peter Spierig (Predestination Movie Directors)

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