FXXK WRITING A Guide for Frustrated Artists

Carrie Vaughn, New York Times Bestselling author of the Kitty Vaughn series, says, “FXXK WRITING is the brutal survival guide you didn’t know you needed for maintaining some vestige of sanity over the long haul in the writing business.”

Based on the popular monthly column by novelist and short story writer, Jason S. Ridler, FXXK WRITING: A Guide for Frustrated Artists is writing advice like no other. Straight-to-the-point, Ridler delivers his how-to advice with a healthy dose of his characteristic sarcasm and dark humor.

But for all of his gut punches (aimed up, not down … ), there’s a brutal honesty that’s refreshing in a writing culture obsessed with head-patting gurus. Rest easy knowing there’s fluff-n-stuff hidden here. It’s straight-talking, punk rock, pro-wrestling historian turned writer advice from the trenches. And not shallow trenches … but the real kind that makes you want to give up on your dreams, forget you ever wanted to write a novel (or two) in the first place, and go home in tears. But Ridler manages to not just survive the trenches, but fight his way out of them with a renewed sense of purpose. He makes you believe that if he can, so can you.

So forget all that writing gobbledygook you’ve been served up with a cherry on top. Screw the folks who say it’s all plush and easy and comes to those who keep smiling and trying.

The devil’s in the details … the down and dirty … fxxk writing!

With an introduction by Ann Randolph, the award-winning writer, director, and performer of Inappropriate (in All the Right Ways),Loveland, and Squeeze Box. She also teaches her hugely popular Write for Your Life class across the USA.

Cover design by Yuki Saeki

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