Horror fiction has long celebrated and explored the twin engines driving human existence. Call them what you like: Sex and Death, Love and Destruction, Temptation and Terror. While many may strive to reach the extremes, few authors manage to find the beauty that rests in the liminal space between these polar forces, the shuddering ecstasy encased within the shock. And then there’s Livia Llewellyn, an author praised for her dark, stirring, evocative prose and disturbing, personal narratives.

Lush, layered, multifaceted, and elegant, the thirteen tales comprising Furnace showcase why Livia Llewellyn has been lauded by scholars and fans of weird fiction alike, and why she has been nominated multiple times for the Shirley Jackson Award and included in year’s best anthologies. These are exquisite stories, of beauty and cruelty, of pleasure and pain, of hunger, and of sharp teeth sinking into tender flesh.

“Llewellyn’s mastery of psychosexual horror puts her in the conversation with Ballard and Tiptree, Jr. when it comes to fearless, ferocious, and important literature.” –Laird Barron, author of The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All

Table of Contents

Wasp & Snake
Yours Is the Right to Begin
Lord of the Hunt
In the Court of King Cupressaceae, 1982 (original to collection)
It Feels Better Biting Down
The Mysteries
The Last, Clean, Bright Summer
and Love shall have no Dominion
The Unattainable

LIVIA LLEWELLYN is a writer of horror, dark fantasy and erotica, whose fiction has appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies. Her first collection, Engines of Desire: Tales of Love & Other Horrors, published in 2011 by Lethe Press, received two Shirley Jackson Award nominations for Best Collection and Best Novelette. Her story “Furnace” received a 2013 SJA nomination for Best Short Fiction.

Visit her online at liviallewellyn.com.

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