Flash Fiction Online Issue #94 July 2021

Wendy Nikel et al.

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The July 2021 Issue of Flash Fiction Online. Fantasy, science fiction, horror, and literary short fiction for the modern reader.

Bold. Brief. Beautiful.
Fiction in fewer words.

In this month’s issue:

– Editorial: Escape! by Editor-in-Chief Wendy Nikel

– “Ember” by Anjali Patel

– “The Wizard’s Book Tastes of Flight” by Jennifer Hudak

– “Breathe” by Adam Fout

– “This Will Not Happen to You” by Marissa Lingen

– “Flash Fiction Flashback: Listen and You’ll Hear Us Speak by A.T. Greenblatt” by Wendy Nikel

Flash Fiction Online offers readers flash fiction stories from more established, award-winning authors and newer writers just emerging in the fiction story-scape. We publish literary, science fiction, fantasy, and horror, in a delicious mix of interesting characters, tantalizing plots, and wonderful world-building.

Flash fiction might be small, but each story packs an entire story arc into only a thousand words or fewer. Whether you call this art form a short-short, a micro-fiction, a drabble, or a smokelong, it spans all genres and literary styles.


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