Flash Fiction Online Issue #42 March 2017

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The January 2017 issue of Flash Fiction Online.Fantasy, science fiction, horror, and literary short fiction for the modern reader.
We’ve decided to bring you a horror-themed issue.
Before you hit that Back button, because horror just isn’t your thing, I ask you to give it a try with just one of these stories and see if, maybe, you might want more. Because, honestly, many non-horror readers think of Texas Chainsaw Massacre when they see the word ‘horror.’
But horror is SO much more. Really excellent horror doesn’t gross you out, but it does give you the shivers. It’s disconcerting, rather than deeply disturbing, because the truths in horror hit too close to home for us to feel comfortable facing them–which is what makes horror all the more fun! It’s the thing that makes clowns and dolls creepy–the uncanny.
First up, from returning FFO author Paul DesCombaz, “Dos and Don’ts.”
And an FFO THREE-peat from Matthew F. Amati, “To Comfort the Headless Child.”
Next, a wonderful nod to every horror trope, EVER!, “The Girl Who’s Going to Survive Your Horror Movie,” by yet another FFO alum, Barbara A. Barnett.
Last up, our reprint of the month (yes, it’s horror, too!), “The Yankee at the Sitting-Up” by Clayton Kroh–his first publication with us.
And …
The answer is “FRANKFURTER!”
Plus a new edition of FXXK Writing: In Memoriam to the Tems by Jason S. Ridler


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