Flash Fiction Online Issue #30 March 2016

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The March 2016 issue of Flash Fiction Online. We don’t have to go very far from home to find the fantastic. In fact, this month, you can find it right here, safe from your sofa, protected by the anonymity of the internet. Here we give you three tales of the strange and unreal—oh, and one story about chess, which, depending on your perspective, may qualify as well.

We’ll begin with two earthbound stories from Flash Fiction Online alumni, KJ Kabza and Shannon Peavey.
From Mr. Kabza, “All Souls Proceed,” a ghostly tale rich with local culture.
From Ms. Peavey, “Millepora,” a tale of change and acceptance.
And from an FFO Newbie, “This Is the Sound of the End of the World” by Matt Dovey, a ‘galaxy-far-far-away’ offering with a healthy serving of heart.

Finally, this month’s reprint story–the promised chess story–the beautifully written “Opening Move,” by Xin Rong, which originally appeared at writingthecity.sg, where it won first prize in the Island of Dreams contest.

New article by Jason Ridler. Edited by Suzanne W. Vincent. Artwork by Dario Bijelac.

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