Electric Velocipede issue 27

John Klima et al.

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The 27th issue marks the end of Electric Velocipede. After twelve years, one Hugo win, five World Fantasy Award nominations (four for the magazine and one for a story), and countless amazing stories, it’s time for us to close this period in our lives and move to other projects.

There couldn’t be a more perfect issue of Electric Velocipede than this one. There are stories about mushrooms, candy clowns, paintings, impossible houses, bird women, sisters, Russian wars, and deep space. There is also the expected mix of established and new voices for which we’re known.

Thank you for all your support over the years. If you’re a long-time reader, you know you want this. If you’re new, this is a perfect place to start.

Thom Davidsohn

“Dream Vision” by Megan Arkenberg
“Cloth Leaves and Wire Vines” by Gillian Daniels
“sarah” by Nancy Hightower
“sarah (revisited)” by Nancy Hightower

Short Stories
“Seven Ways of Bringing Down the Regime” by Daniel Ausema
“Bones” by Helena Bell
“Song of Mary” by Geoffrey W. Cole
“The Coronation Bout” by Lisa L. Hannett
“Eating the Pomegranate” by Megan Kurashige
“Ondine’s Curse” by Katherine Mankiller
“The Fungi That Talk Softly” by Harry Markov
“The Beasts We Want to Be” by Sam J. Miller
“The Girls of the Forest” by Margaret Ronald
“The Carnival Was Eaten, All Except the Clown” by Caroline M. Yoachim

Editorial by John Klima

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