Electric Velocipede issue 25

John Klima et al.

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Electric Velocipede 25 is one of our strongest issues ever. After a one-issue hiatus, there are nine poems in this issue. Don’t be scared; they’re all really good. And the stories? They’re fantastic. We have magic elixirs that take you to secret parties, memory loss commando raids, witches and possessed ravens, a shoemaker who learns a secret, more secrets about composers from year’s past, a traveler who seeks out a castrati for his opera, a girl who wants to fly, and the capper of the issue: a story of gods who wreak havoc with people like a child with his toys. Top it off with Jeremy Zerfoss’ haunting cover image “Wolf Girl in the Woods” and this is an amazing issue that you won’t regret.
Jeremy Zerfoss

“Adaptation” by Heather Albano
“Upstairs Room” by Lida Broadhurst
“Counting Stones” by Alicia Cole
“The Magician Makes a Phoenix” by Alicia Cole
“Peephole” by Daniel W. Davis
“rial” by Daniel W. Davis
“Nuclear Winter” by Ash Krafton
“A Faun’s Lament” by Michael Constantine McConnell
“Menace” by J. R. Salling

“Musici” by Derek Zumsteg

Short Stories
“The Greatest of His Age” by Bart Allen
“Butterfly Effect” by Mishell Baker
“Glass Boxes and Clockwork Gods” by Damien Walters Grintalis
“The Night We Drank Cold Wine” by Megan Kurashige
“The Master Shoemaker” by Katya Oliva-Llego
“North” by Kristy L. Truax-Nichols
“The Woods of Wistman’s Grove” by Tyson Young

“Blindfold Taste Test” with Aimee Bender
A Remembrance of the Future by John Klima

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