Crossed Genres Year Two

A labor conflict on a distant asteroid; An environmental catastrophe unlike any other; A most unusual dinner guest; The irony of Luck. Each month of Crossed Genres Magazine combines science fiction & fantasy with a new theme. Crossed Genres Year Two contains one story selected by the editors from each issue of the magazine’s second year.

Table of Contents:
Issue 13: Action/Adventure — “Lunch Money” by Kelly Jennings
Issue 14: Folklore — “The Vanishing Sea” by Caleb Jordan Schulz
Issue 15: Any Previous Genre — “The Seder Guest” by Barbara Krasnoff
Issue 16: Steampunk — “Whirligig Fingers & Globular Thumbs” by Polenth Blake
Issue 17: Antihero — “High School 3000? by Timothy Miller
Issue 18: Eastern — “The Last Rickshaw” by Stephanie Lai
Issue 19: Gadgets & Artifacts — “Conflicts” by Timothy T. Murphy
Issue 20: Lies — “Yelloween” by Sam Cash
Issue 21: Invasion — “Centzon Totochin” by Cat Rambo
Issue 22: Bildungsroman (Coming of Age) — “Luck of the Harvest” by Tom Barlow
Issue 23: Dreams & Nightmares — “The Mongrel Scholar” by Ursula Wood
Issue 24: Characters of Color — “Flying With the Dead” by Sabrina Vourvoulias

Cover art “Lava Lamp” by Brittany Jackson

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